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Docusaurus with KeytarDocusaurus 帮你快速构建并优化网站,让你专注于创作内容

还在用 Docusaurus v1 吗?请查看 v1 到 v2 版本迁移指南吧
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支持 Markdown

让你节省时间并完全专注于项目文档。 你只须专注于使用 Markdown/MDX 格式编写文档和文章即可, Docusaurus 会自动生成可以对外发布的静态 HTML 文件。 借助 MDX,你甚至可以将 JSX 组件嵌入到 Markdown 中。

Built Using React

基于 React 技术构建

基于 React,你可以扩展或自定义项目的页面布局。 Docusaurus 被扩展的同时仍然能够重用相同的页眉和页脚。

Ready for Translations


本地化支持已预先配置。使用 Crowdin 将你的文档翻译成 70 多种语言吧。

Document Versioning


项目文档的所有版本都支持用户查阅。文档 版本化可帮助你使文档与项目版本保持 同步。

Document Search


让你的社区成员轻松地在文档中找到他们所需的内容。 我们自豪地支持 Algolia 文档 搜索。

Christopher "vjeux" Chedeau
Lead Prettier Developer

I've helped open source many projects at Facebook and every one needed a website. They all had very similar constraints: the documentation should be written in markdown and be deployed via GitHub pages. I’m so glad that Docusaurus now exists so that I don’t have to spend a week each time spinning up a new one.

Hector Ramos
Lead React Native Advocate

Open source contributions to the React Native docs have skyrocketed after our move to Docusaurus. The docs are now hosted on a small repo in plain markdown, with none of the clutter that a typical static site generator would require. Thanks Slash!

Ricky Vetter
ReasonReact Developer

Docusaurus has been a great choice for the ReasonML family of projects. It makes our documentation consistent, i18n-friendly, easy to maintain, and friendly for new contributors.