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Docusaurus 拥有一个成千上万人的开发者社区。

在此页面中,我们列出了与 Docusaurus 相关的一些社区,你也可以成为其中的一部分。有关其他在线和线下学习材料,请参见本节的其他页面。

在加入 Docusaurus 社区之前,请阅读我们的行为准则。我们已经采用了贡献者契约 ,希望所有社区成员都遵守其中的约定。

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular forum to ask code-level questions or if you're stuck with a specific error. Read through the existing questions tagged with docusaurus or ask your own!


There are many online forums which are a great place for discussion about best practices and application architecture as well as the future of Docusaurus. If you have an answerable code-level question, Stack Overflow is usually a better fit.


For new feature requests, you can create a post on our feature requests board (Canny), which is a handy tool for roadmapping and allows for sorting by upvotes, which gives the core team a better indicator of what features are in high demand, as compared to GitHub issues which are harder to triage. Refrain from making a Pull Request for new features (especially large ones) as someone might already be working on it or will be part of our roadmap. Talk to us first!


For the latest news about Docusaurus, follow @docusaurus on Twitter and the official Docusaurus blog on this website.