📦 plugin-content-docs

此插件实现了 文档 功能,并且是 Docusaurus 的默认的文档功能插件。


npm install --save @docusaurus/plugin-content-docs

如果你已经安装了 @docusaurus/preset-classic,则不需要再安装此插件。你也可以通过 classic 预设参数 对其进行配置,而不必像下面这样进行配置。


module.exports = {
plugins: [
* Path to data on filesystem relative to site dir.
path: 'docs',
* URL for editing a doc in the website repo.
* Example: 'https://github.com/facebook/docusaurus/edit/master/website/'
editUrl: 'https://github.com/facebook/docusaurus/edit/master/website/',
* When docs are versioned, the edit url will link to the doc
* in current version, instead of the versioned doc.
* Useful if you don't want users to submit doc pull-requests to older versions.
editCurrentVersion: false,
* When docs are localized, the edit url will target the localized doc,
* instead of the original unlocalized doc.
* Useful if you commit localized docs to git, instead of using a translation service.
editLocalizedDocs: false,
* URL route for the docs section of your site.
* *DO NOT* include a trailing slash.
* INFO: It is possible to set just `/` for shipping docs without base path.
routeBasePath: 'docs',
include: ['**/*.md', '**/*.mdx'], // Extensions to include.
* Path to sidebar configuration for showing a list of markdown pages.
* Warning: will change
sidebarPath: '',
* Theme components used by the docs pages
docLayoutComponent: '@theme/DocPage',
docItemComponent: '@theme/DocItem',
* Remark and Rehype plugins passed to MDX
remarkPlugins: [
/* require('remark-math') */
rehypePlugins: [],
* Custom Remark and Rehype plugins passed to MDX before
* the default Docusaurus Remark and Rehype plugins.
beforeDefaultRemarkPlugins: [],
beforeDefaultRehypePlugins: [],
* Whether to display the author who last updated the doc.
showLastUpdateAuthor: false,
* Whether to display the last date the doc was updated.
showLastUpdateTime: false,
* By default, versioning is enabled on versioned sites.
* This is a way to explicitly disable the versioning feature.
disableVersioning: false,
* Skip the next release docs when versioning is enabled.
* This will not generate HTML files in the production build for documents
* in `/docs/next` directory, only versioned docs.
excludeNextVersionDocs: false,
* The last version is the one we navigate to in priority on versioned sites
* It is the one displayed by default in docs navbar items
* By default, the last version is the first one to appear in versions.json
* By default, the last version is at the "root" (docs have path=/docs/myDoc)
* Note: it is possible to configure the path and label of the last version
* Tip: using lastVersion: 'current' make sense in many cases
lastVersion: undefined,
* The docusaurus versioning defaults don't make sense for all projects
* This gives the ability customize the label and path of each version
* You may not like that default versin
versions: {
Example configuration:
current: {
label: 'Android SDK v2.0.0 (WIP)',
path: 'android-2.0.0',
'1.0.0': {
label: 'Android SDK v1.0.0',
path: 'android-1.0.0',
* Sometimes you only want to include a subset of all available versions.
* Tip: limit to 2 or 3 versions to improve startup and build time in dev and deploy previews
onlyIncludeVersions: undefined, // ex: ["current", "1.0.0", "2.0.0"]

Markdown Frontmatter#

Markdown documents can use the following markdown frontmmatter metadata fields, enclosed by a line --- on either side:

  • id: A unique document id. If this field is not present, the document's id will default to its file name (without the extension).
  • title: The title of your document. If this field is not present, the document's title will default to its id.
  • hide_title: Whether to hide the title at the top of the doc. By default it is false.
  • hide_table_of_contents: Whether to hide the table of contents to the right. By default it is false.
  • sidebar_label: The text shown in the document sidebar and in the next/previous button for this document. If this field is not present, the document's sidebar_label will default to its title.
  • custom_edit_url: The URL for editing this document. If this field is not present, the document's edit URL will fall back to editUrl from options fields passed to docusaurus-plugin-content-docs.
  • keywords: Keywords meta tag for the document page, for search engines.
  • description: The description of your document, which will become the <meta name="description" content="..."/> and <meta property="og:description" content="..."/> in <head>, used by search engines. If this field is not present, it will default to the first line of the contents.
  • image: Cover or thumbnail image that will be used when displaying the link to your post.


id: doc-markdown
title: Markdown Features
hide_title: false
hide_table_of_contents: false
sidebar_label: Markdown :)
custom_edit_url: https://github.com/facebook/docusaurus/edit/master/docs/api-doc-markdown.md
description: How do I find you when I cannot solve this problem
- docs
- docusaurus
image: https://i.imgur.com/mErPwqL.png
My Document Markdown content